About Me

A few years ago I decided to add another string to my bow. I have not taken the conventional route in my career but have always known what I wanted to do, I have always had a plan and crucially, I set goals and targets and have worked hard to meet them.

My journey to where I am now has been anything but smooth.

For the first 12 years of my life, life was what any youngster growing up New Zealander would have hoped for. Life was by no means luxurious but mum and dad worked hard to provide for us. They had expectations of us and surrounded us with love and stability. However, while the love remained, the stability was shattered after Dad suddenly died. Mum was left with four boys to support on her own.

Life changed and we all had to make sacrifices in order to continue forward. We all dealt with the situation in different ways. Looking back on it now, my coping strategy was to grab every opportunity that was offered even if seemed to be the opposite of what others were telling me I should have been taking.

These opportunities were vast.

I found myself working on farms in New Zealand; playing semi-professional rugby in England; sweeping boatyards in Argentina; being a dive master in Tonga; stacking shelves from one warehouse to another; opening a café in Australia; delivering therapy to young people at risk; building my own holiday sports programme in the UK; working within state and private education as a classroom teacher in New Zealand, the UK and Hong Kong to finally retraining as a psychologist and now working as a wellbeing coach.

These numerous experiences and ‘bumps in the road’ have definitely shaped me as a person and how I look at and approach and live my life.

I hope you can join me in the next part of my journey by following this blog.